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Oh Lady Be Good Ukulele tab

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Oh Lady Be Good

( George Gershwin and Ira Gershwin)

Tono:  A
Intro: D7M F#m7 Bm7 Cdim A7M/9 A7M  

F#m           C#7               F#m       C#7     F#m 
Listen to my tale of woeit's terribly sad but true 
A           D9      E7        A     D9 
All dressed up, no place to go 
    A    D9   A     E   E6      A 
Each evening I'm awfully blue 
E       E7         A                    E       E7  Bm5-/7    A 
I must win some handsome guy  can't go on like this 
F#m      C#7       F#m     A   
I could blossom out, I know 
         F#        C#7        F#      E7 
With somebody just like you, so 
A    D9   Dm6  A    Bm7 A7M  D9 Fdim A    G7  F#7 
Oh, sweet and    lovely     lady, be good 
    D9 Bm5-/7  E7 E7/13 A  Em9  D9  Dm6  Fdim 
Oh, lady, be good to me 
A D9 E7 Dm6   Fdim A7M   D9  Fdim   A  G7  F#7 
I am  so     awfly       misunderstood 
   Bm   D9 Bm5-/7  E Fdim A 
So  lady   be  good  to  me 
D7M  F#m  Bm7        Cdim  A7M/9 A7M 
Oh,          please have some pity 
F#m7 Cdim  B7     D9    E7  D9 Bm5-/7 
I'm  all  alone  in  this  big  city 
A Bm5-/7 Cdim 
I tell  you 
A    D9 E7 Dm6   Fdim  A7M  D9 Fdim A G7 F#7 
I'm just a   lonesome  babe in  the wood 
B7 E7  Cdim Bm5-/7 E7  E7/13  A C#m5-/7 Bm7 Fdim A7/13 
So lady,      be good  to  me 
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