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19 Stars Ukulele tab

Meg And Dia



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19 Stars

Tono:  F
Verse 1: 
  Don't tell me 
you're done for 
  I Don't need to hear 
you're done for 
  But you can tell me what 
you are running from 
  I need you more 
than you need you 
  I can see you're 
really really running 
  Can I ask you where 
you gonna run to 
  And you think you're 
living as a ghost now 
  Now quite heavens 
are for angels 

Dm We all feel like C we're breaking sometime Bb But I won't let Bbm(hold) you go tonight
Chorus: F Stay awake stay Dm awake tonight Bb I've got 19 stars that I C F Give your name tonight And I wanna scream Dm wanna scream your name Star light star Bb bright can save C F You're my wish tonight Verse 2: F Don't tell me it doesn't matter Bb I'll tell you what matters Dm Bare feet in the summer Bb Open windows at night F You think that no one needs you Bb You don't have nothing Dm to see through Well I need you I need you Bb Don't I count? Let's fight Refrain 2: Dm It's morning now C time to suffer again Bb A safety that Bbm(hold) drunken pile
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Guitar 2: in "pile" e|-5-5--8-6--5h6p5-------| B|------------------8--6-| G|-----------------------| D|-----------------------| A|-----------------------| E|-----------------------|
(Repeat Chorus 1) Bridge: Dm No one can catch me Bb The way that you catch me The way that you keep me F when I'm uptight What if I need you C What if I can't see you I'm running out of life (Repeat) Dm-Bb-F-C
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Bass Line: in Bridge Dm Bb F C G|-------------|-------------|-------------|----------------------------| D|-------7-7-7-|-------3-3-3-|-------------|-------5-5-5---5----5h7p5---| A|-5-5-5-------|-1-1-1-------|-------3-3-3-|-3-3-3-------3---3--------3-| E|-------------|-------------|-1-1-1-------|----------------------------| x2 x2 x2
Chorus 2: Modulate from F to G G Stay awake stay Em awake tonight C I've got 19 stars that I Stay awake stay D awake tonight Stay awake stay G awake tonight wanna scream Em wanna scream your name Star light star C bright can save D You're my wish C D You're my wish C D G(hold) You're my wish tonight
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