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Blue Turning Grey Over You Ukulele tab

Maxine Sullivan



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Blue Turning Grey Over You

Tono:  E
	  E     E6 Bm7/5- E7  A         A9  Am7 
My how I miss     your ten - der kiss 
Cdim     E   Bm7/5-        B7  Edim       E   Edim   Am7   B7 
And the won - der - ful things you would do; 
E     E6 Bm7/5- E7   A             A9  Am7 
I run my hands    through silv - 'ry strands 
Fdim(III)    E    Gdim        B7 Edim      E 
 'Cause  I'm blue turn - ing grey  o - ver you. 
 E  Edim E  A  Am7 Cdim    E     G#m 
You used to be so  good to me-- 
C#m   C#m7/5-  F#7   Fdim(III)      B7 
That's when I was a    nov  - el - ty. 
B7  A   B7    E          E6 Bm7/5- E7  A    A6/9    A  Am7 
Now you have new thrills in view,    found some - one new, 
Cdim Am7 F#7 C#m7/5-       B7 Gdim      E 
Left me  blue turn - ing grey o - ver you 

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