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Ain't We Got Fun Ukulele tab

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Ain't We Got Fun

( Gus Kahn, Raymond B. Egan and Richard Whiting)

Tono:  D
D      Fdim    D   D     Fdim    D    A7    Em7    A7 
Ev'ry  morning,  ev'ry  evening,  ain't  we  got  fun 
A7       Em7   A7         G/B   A7   D    G   A7  D    D7 
Not much    money, oh but    honey, ain't we got fun 
G   G/F#     Fdim             D    Bm7        B7 
The rent's   unpaid    dear,   we haven't a car  
E   G/F#   G         Em7   G/B        A7 
But    anyway, dear, we'll stay as we are 
D      Fdim   D   D     Fdim D   A7       Em7   A7 
In the    winter, in the summer, don't we have fun 
A7        Em7   A7         G/B    A7    D    G   A7   D    D7 
Times are glum and getting glummer, still we have fun 
G       G/F#   Fdim                E         E6          G        A7 
There's nothing   surer, the rich get rich and the poor get poorer 
D      Fdim    D    B7                E7  Gdim A7  D    
In the me   antime, in between time, ain't we  got fun 
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