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Ah! Sweet Mystery Of Life Ukulele tab

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Ah! Sweet Mystery Of Life

(Rida Johnson Young and Victor Herber)

Tono:  A
Intro: A F#m E7 E7/13 A 

E7/13  E7    A9   A       A7M         F#m   A    D9 
Ah! sweet mystery of life, at last I've found thee 
E7  E6      E     Esus4     E9   D9    A 
Ah! At last I know the secret of it all 
E7/13  E7  A9  A       A7M               F#m          E                
All the longing, seeking, striving, waiting, yearning 
   Edim      B7        Edim     B7        Bm5-/7       E7 
The idle hopes, the joys and burning tears that fall 
E7/13  E7   A9        A        A7M      F#m      D9 
For 'tis love, and love alone, the world is seeking 
E7  E6     E      Esus4 E   E9     E   D9       A 
And it's love, and love alone, I've waitted for 
A7       F#       Gdim     F#7   Edim      D         B7 
And my heart has heard the answer to it's calling   
   Dm6 Fdim  A        F#m    E7  E7/13  A  
For it  is  love that rules    for    evermore 
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