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These Reminders Ukulele tab

Max Stalling

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These Reminders

Tono:  G
	  ?ese Reminders?Written & Performed by Max Stalling 
From the CD, ?de Afternoon?Submitted by Wes Wilson ([email protected]) 
Intro:  G   Bm  Am  C  G 
G                                       Bm 
I am reaching for the mantel where your picture and a candle stand, 
Am            C     G 
Too harsh a reminder to let stay. 
G         Bm 
So I find a drawer that?deep and safe and I turn around 
   Am                     C     G 
and I walk away, surprised that I have found the strength at last. 
G                              Bm 
Every time the phone will ring I cannot seem to help but think that 
Am          C       G 
maybe it is you there on the line. 
G                                           Bm 
But I know it?not and I must agree it was all just too hard for 
  Am                  C                   G 
you and me, so the ringing goes unanswered every time. 
D         C              G 
Oh, I am left with these reminders 
D         C              G 
Oh, will this hurtin?ver mend? 
D          C                         G 
Oh, it hurts to turn around and find you gone 
    Am           C       G 
And me, here all alone again. 
G                                          Bm 
That old man down at the coffee shop still asks me every time I stop 
Am            C    G 
by the way, how?the nice lady been? 
G                                      Bm 
I just say you? doing fine, and I hope I?right ?ause I hate 
           Am                 C                     G 
lying, and truth be known I?wishing you all the best. 
G                                            Bm 
But every black car at every red light still takes my breath cause 
 Am        C 
I know it might be you, and that?just something 
I cannot deal with yet. 
G                                         Bm 
So I stick to roads that I know you would never have the cause to go 
  Am            C          G 
And so far I? only broke down twice, that?right. 
G                                      Bm 
It all comes down to just one thought, we thought we were but 
                    Am                C              G 
I guess we? not, and now we? got reminders all around. 
G                                     Bm 
You? got yours and I? got mine and someday we? turn around and 
              Am           C                      G 
Find that somewhere in the middle the truth was lying. 
D                 C            G 
And oh, we? be free of these reminders. 
D                 C            G 
Oh, man, this old hurt will finally mend 
D                 C          G 
Oh, it won?hurt to turn and find you gone 
    Am           C       G 
And me, here all alone again. 
Outro: G  Bm  Am  C  G 
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