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Bathwater Baby Ukulele tab

Max Stalling

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Bathwater Baby

Tono:  G#
	  by, Max Stalling 
from the CD, "Comfort in the Curves" 
transcribed by, Tony Williams 
key of G# 
note: CD sounds like the guitar is capoed at the 1st fret 
      and played with standard G chord forms. However, the 
      chords transcribed here are actual. 
Intro: (play twice) C# G#/C Bm D#/G G# 
1st verse: 
G# I saw you go down with your heart aflame 
I ran for water but grabbed G#7 kerosene 
Now, C# oh my goodness, despite my efforts 
What a G# blazing mess 
2nd verse: 
G# I climbed in bed with my frozen feet 
You felt something and threw G#7 back the sheets 
So C# there I'm lying, so there your crying, how G# unfortunate 
But D#/G aw, through it C# all the truth was I loved you G# best 
C# Now you're holding something better 
And now I'm holding old love letters and G# new regrets 
The C# irony is just so glaring 
Cause now I've got this torch to carry and it G# burns you bet 
D#/G But aw, through it C# all the truth was I G# loved you best 
Instrumental: same chords as intro only with a little Dobro mixed in. 
Repete chours: 
3rd verse: 
C# Now toothpast and tube, it's just G#/C one of the views I Bm have  
about me and you G# lately 
{C#} It's cliche I know but seems G#/C apropos, if the Bm shoe fits well  
I figure G# say it 
C#  I know it's a fact that I G#/C over reacted, Bm sometimes my  
passions G# betray me 
C# The changes I made as I G#/C  tried to come clean; Bm you were my  
bath water G# baby 
Another Instrumental: this time  with Dobro as lead instrument. 
4th verse: 
C# Now I did all the squeezing 
And now I've got this real bad feeling that I G#  made this mess 
C# I did all the plug pulling 
 And now I'm high and dry, no fooling, it's my G# fault I guess 
But D#/G aw, through it C# all, the truth was I G# loved you best 
D#/G Aw, through it C# all the truth was 
D#/G Aw, don't you C#  know the truth was  
D#/G Aw, don't you C# know I loved you G# best 
C# You were my Bm bath water G# baby. 
There you have it, friends. 
if anyone is interested in buying max's cd they can order it  
by sending $17 to: MAX STALLING P.O. box 721144 Dallas Tx.  
75372-1144 also his e-mail is  
[email protected]  
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