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Some People Fall, Some People Fly Ukulele tab

Matraca Berg

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Some People Fall, Some People Fly

Tono:  Ab
	  Tabbed by Rick 
         Ab         Bbm    Gb   Db 
It was a long, hard road 
       Ab     Bbm   Gb  Db 
It was all up hill 
          Ab       Bbm   Gb Db 
We nearly lost our way 
          Ab       Bbm   Gb  Db 
We nearly lost our will 
      Ab           Bbm   Gb  Db 
So we clung to the rocks 
          Ab         Bbm   Gb  Db 
Where the cold winds blow 
     Ab            Bbm        Gb 
Till love gave us strength to finally let go 
Ab Bbm We, we climbed that mountain Gb Db And we got so high Ab Bbm Then on the wings of an angel Gb Db We took to the sky Ab Bbm Out here on the edge Gb Db Love dares us to try Bbm Gb Db Ab Bbm Gb Db Baby some people fall, but some people fly
Many they fall For passion's kiss And many they say Is this all there is Well, it never was easy To rise above To look into the eyes of love Chorus Gb Ab And baby love has no fear Ebm Leap and a net will appear SOLO Chorus Gb Bbm Gb Db Some people fly Ab Db Some people fly
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