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Broken Wings Ukulele tab

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Broken Wings

Tono:  F
F                                                    Am7        Bb7 
How many times have I wanted to give up 
                                        Bb/C     C 
Then Your love set me apart 
F                                               Am7        Bb7 
I was a prisoner to my own captivity 
                                               Bb/C     C 
But greater Love has set me free 

F                     Am7                             Bb7 
Although at times I may feel like giving up 

 Am7                                                     C 
I lift my eyes to the hills where comfort lies 

  Bb7      Am7            C            F 
This journey is hard 

But there is no turning back  
Gotta keep on moving on 
Once the journey is started you cant go back to square one 
                            F                      Am7 
It is ok to cry but walk at the same time 
Cant ignore the voices that keep telling me to try 
                          Dm7      F/C      Bb7 
Try it one more time 
                                 Dm7    F/C      Bb7 
For broken wings cant fly 
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