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(David Gates)

Tono:  A
Intro: A  Am7  A7  D  Dm  A  Dm  E7 

         A                         Am7                 
If a picture paints a thousand words 
         A7                   D 
Then why can't I paint you 
          Dm                      A          Dm                E7 
The words will never show  the you I've come to know 
      A                                Am7 
If a face could launch a thousand ships 
       A7           D 
Then where am I to go 
         Dm              A                       Dm                  E7 
There's no one home but you, you're all that's left me to 
    F#m   F#m7+  F#m7             B7 
And if my love for life  is running dry 
          C#m      F#                    Bm      E7 
Then you come and pour yourself on me 
         A                             Am7        A7                           D    
If a man could be in two places at one time id be with you 
          Dm                      A      Dm              E7 
Tomorrow and today beside you all the way 
         A                             Am7        A7                           D    
If the world should stop revolving spinning slowly down to die 
          Dm                                 A      Dm                        E7 
Id spend the end with you and when the world was through 
     F#m    F#m7+ 
Then one by one 
      F#m7              B7                C#m    F# 
The stars would all go out then you and I 
       Bm        E7    A   D  Dm  A 
Would simply   fly    away 
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