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Longfall Ukulele tab

Lost Trailers

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Tono:  C
Intro Chords: 
C  F  C  G twice 
C             F                      C              G 
The waves are settling down, and the sun has sunk into the sand 
    C                  F             C               G 
And the only calm this city gives is living in these ocean sounds 
           C                F                   C                G 
Well, it's not as bad as it could be, it's just not as good as I thought it would be 
C                    F                         C                G 
You'll find out what you miss most when you're out alone on the West Coast 
     C      F  C  G                        C        F  C  G 
In a longfall,        yes, it's gonna be a longfall 
I'm not sure why I'm still here, when I left my life seemed so clear 
Now my dreams are heavy things that are muddied by reality 
Cause I can't find good pay, and there's no game days on Saturdays 
Yes, the only tailgates I see down are loading smack and crack cocaine 
For a long haul, up the West Coast in this longfall 
My girl loved the price of fame, I lost her when she changed her name 
Her face used to feel so soft, 'til her agent's doctor pulled it off 
She got a new nose and cheekbones, and a bit part on a TV show 
But a home can turn to a frozen place, when the one you love's got a stranger's face 
It's a longfall, out in LA, It's a longfall. Still no rain, and I don't feel the same 
Just when I thought I'd head on back, I saw a black haired girl on the concrete path  
She flung her hair back with her hands, between the setting sun and a coffee stand 
And in the fading light I could barely see, when she fired up a Winston and gave it to me 
She said, "You look like someone I know"; I said, "I do, well, thanks for the care, cause it shows."  
In this longfall, there's fine folks out on the West Coast 
It's just a longfall, where there's no cold, and no one gets old 
In this longfall, there's no rain, but I know Jane will change 
In this longfall, yes, I know things have got to change 
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