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Averly Jane Ukulele tab

Lost Trailers

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Averly Jane

Tono:  C
	  By Lost Trailers 
Tabbed By Larry Mofle 
[email protected] 
G  C  G  C  G  C  G  C   
  C                      G                       D                   G   
I caught her face in horizon clouds, soak up the smoke from her last goodbye 
C                G                            D 
But I can't feel pain cause there's no one to blame 
C                 G                          D                                     G   
Averly was always meant to be free, when she left she thought it best to take some company 
C                        G                   D 
That's when she broke my chains and we took off 
C                                          G 
They never knew we were gone till the dawn cried 

G F C Hey Hey, Averly G F C Ain't it 'bout time to see G F C D Where you need to be tonight G F C If you've got the mind to spare G F C G Send it to the ones who care about you G F C D Don't waste your breath on running alone C G C G C Just bring it on home sweet Averly Jane
Walkin' down these ol' graveled tracks, cause I lost her at the Great Divide I got my sweat-stained sleeve to wipe my brow dry every footprint is caked in rust, while my boots are shining rails I fight the rising dust Then I feel her face up in the sunrise They never knew we were gone till the dawn cried Chorus Bridge: D C G And if you feel the highway scream beneath your feet D C G Just take a look around and remember what you see C G C G Cause you might find a friend you know, burning through the morning cold C G D To help you find your way back home through the misty haze C G Hope to see you down again Averly Jane I caught the glare of a passerby, just a sittin' on the side of the street He wore his heart on his sleeve, just to watch it bleed He said, "Son, you look a lot like myself, if I was you I'd put my dreams back on the shelf." I said, "When I come home, I won't be alone I won't be sittin' on the side of the road while the sun cries." Chorus
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