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Dantes Prayer Ukulele tab

Loreena McKennitt



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Dantes Prayer

Tono:  Am
	  Not too great a tab, but I have the general chord progression down. It goes from 
verse to Chorus during the whole song 

verse chord progression: 

Am           G              C 
    When the dark wood fell before me 

Am              G          F 
    And all the paths were overgrown 

Am           G                C       
    When the priests of pride say 

    there is no other way 

Am              G          F 
    I tilled the sorrows of stone 

Chorus chord progression: 

Dm            Am          G 
    Cast your eyes on the ocean 

F             G           Am 
    Cast your soul to the sea 

Dm           Am              G 
    When the dark night seems endless 

Am         G        F 
    Please remember me 

(twice the length for each chord) 
Am    G   F   G 
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