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What You Think Is Fair Ukulele tab

Leon Everette



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What You Think Is Fair

Tono:  Bb
	  Intro: Bb-Eb-F-Eb-Bb 

Bb                                                        F 
I love it when your with me,I want you with me all of the time 
F                                                              Bb 
Your just wht I've been looking for,tosatisfy a burning need of mine 
Bb                                 Bb7                              Eb 
I don't want to share you now with someone who thinks that you still care 
F                                                         Bb 
If I can't have all of you just give me what you think is fair 

Bb                                                       F 
I'll be standing in the shadows,holding back me love for you 
F                                                            Bb 
And it's hard not to let it show,everytime I see him holding you 
Bb                                  Bb7                     Eb 
When I see the two of you,part of me pretends that your not there 
F                                                         Bb 
If I can't have all of you just give me what you think is fair 

Bb           Eb                             F 
Just alittle part of you,Thats all that I'm asking 
Eb                                               F 
I know that having all of you,Just may not never be 

Repeat First Verse. 
Walk up to F with Dm-Eb-E 
F                                                             Bb 
And if I can't have all of you,Just give me what you think is fair 

Outre: Bb-Eb-F-Eb-Bb 
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