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Tono:  Em
	  verse 1 
Em       C         G                D 
Mom, I'm scared, I might go out and change 

                       Dm           F 
When I come back, I'll never be the same 

Em         F      C                   D 
Daddy, I'm scared that I can feel the pressure building up 

                         Dm                  F 
People thinking that I'm something that I am not 

                   Dm                     G             Am 
And I don't really know, if I will get to watch my baby grow 

     G               Am          F 
It's killing me, I'm telling you so 


Cause I need to be 

    C                 Em           Dm 
The star that they're expecting to see 

                  F    Em 
I hope it doesn't ruin me 

verse 2 C Am   C    Am      F   Em 

        C            G                    D 
Mom I'm scared, it's a little more than I expected 

-C                       Dm           C 
I'm fucking terrified, I go and be rejected 

Am   C      F 
I'm good, I know I'm fucking good 

G                              C         F         G 
Cause I'm doing so much better than they thought I would 


Girl, I fit in 

Am          C    Am           F 
Just like a hand inside the mitten 

    Em        F   C                     Em 
And I can't say no cause this is the dream 

Dm                A   Dm     C 
I've been waiting for so it seem 
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