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When A Woman Loves A Man Ukulele tab

Lee Roy Parnell

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When A Woman Loves A Man

Tono:  C
	  (verse 1) 
 B                    F#   
She plays her cards close to the vest 
    Abm                               E 
To hide the heart she wears on her sleeve 
 B                                  F#  
Sometimes she's caught between the woman that she is 
         Abm                   E 
And the one she's expected to be 
But with an innocent smile 
And the soul of a child 
       C#m            E             F#  
She's always giving more than she can 

B-E Abm -F# When a woman loves a man E B B F# E B F# When a woman loves a man
(verse 2) B F# She knows how to hang on your every word Abm E And she knows how to look the other way B F# She'll whisper to you what no man has ever heard Abm E B Secrets she would never give away F# With her arms open wide Abm She'll take you inside C#m E F# And hold you in the palm of her hand B-E Abm-F# When a woman loves a man E-B Esus2 B When a woman loves a man B E - Abm-F# She will be there to the end E-B F#-E-B When a woman loves a man. (bridge) B E Abm F# B-E And when all you've got to give her Abm F# B-E Is nothing more than a dream B She'll sacrifice for love to prove to you Her mind's made up D F#-F#sus-F# Stand by you through everything
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