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Tender Moments Ukulele tab

Lee Roy Parnell

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Tender Moments

Tono:  G
	  1st Verse: 
You walked in and found there were tears in her eyes 
G                       D      G
She couldn't tell you exactly why 
There ain't nothing wrong but there ain't nothing right 
G                                     D          G
Trying to figure it out boy you're wasting your time 

C F All it takes is a tender moment C G A loving word or the touch of your hand C F What she needs is a tender moment G Let her know you'll always be her man Em D G G G G D G That's the kind of thing a woman understands 2nd Verse: G It's a fast lane world that we're living in G D G Sometimes love takes a little tail spin G But it don't take much to straighten it out G D G A little affections what I am talking about Repeat Chorus 1x Bridge: Em C G Everyday she needs to hear you love her so Em C D So take the time to let het know-ow 3rd Verse: G It ain't a brand new house it ain't a diamond ring G D G Big bank account don't mean a thing G You're still gonna need what money cain't buy G D G Someone to hold her when she needs to cry Chorus 2x: * 3rd time you play the chorus stay on G
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