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Lucky Me, Lucky You Ukulele tab

Lee Roy Parnell

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Lucky Me, Lucky You

Capo en el 1er traste
	   (Key of C#) 
 C F C F 
1.Got a sack full of old lottery tickets 
  I guess I oughta throw 'em away 
  I threw a lot of money at the race track ponies 
  But I never even won one race 
  And you say every chain letter you ever got 
  You passed right along to your friends 
  Still all you ever got was a chain of bad luck 
  That you swore you thught was never gonna end 
  Well honey all the good fortune that was passin' us by 
              C                   F 
  Sure came back around when your eyes met mine 
         C         F 
C.Lucky me, lucky you 
              C                        F 
  We finally fell into something so strong and true 
         C         F 
  Lucky me, lucky you 
      G                                     C 
  I thank my lucky stars and the good Lord too 
2.I remember sitting down with the gypsy woman 
  She took a close look at my hand 
  She said son I can see a lot of love in your life 
  Someday you're gonna understand 
  You say you threw a lot of change down that wishin' well 
  But it never really changed a thing 
  Well honey all of those pennies are paying off now 
  I'm buying you a diamond ring 
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