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A Little Bit of You Ukulele tab

Lee Roy Parnell

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A Little Bit of You

Tono:  G
	  in 4/4 time 
(Intro) G, C, D, G,G, Em, C, D, G  
 G            C 
1. High wires,  thin ice, 
G                           D 
Since you came along I dont even think twice. 
 G            C 
  Long Shots,   no sweat 
G              C                  D 
Whats a little gamble when theres one sure bet 
Ch. When I'm fading at the finish 
Doubted and diminished 
C             G             D 
Feeling for a minute that I cant endure 
No matter what the problem,  
You know how to solve it 
     C              G             D        G 
Aint nothing that a little bit of you cant cure 
           C             G             D        G 
There aint nothin that a little bit of you cant cure.  
(same as intro here into verse 2.) 
 G           C 
2. One touch,  three words 
G                                 D 
Is all I need to lean against the weight of this world 
 G               C 
   In your faith,  I trust 
G         C             D 
Is it any wonder that I never give up. 
Chorus (Ch) 
Tag out: 
           Em     C  D  G 
There aint nothin   
           Em             C             D        G      
There aint nothing that a little bit of you cant cure 
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