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Some Things I Know Ukulele tab

Lee Ann Womack



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Some Things I Know

Tono:  C
Capo en el 5º traste

Intro: C    F   G   C   G 

N.C.         C                   F 
There's some things I know to be true 
        G                      C 
Snow is white and the ocean is blue 
G       C                          F 
Rain is wet when it falls from the sky 
        G                    C 
And the stars come out every night 
    ~    ~  Am                   F 
And just as sure as the sun will rise 
             G                  C 
This love is real you see in my eyes 
        F                G 
Plant a seed and it will grow 
              C      G     C   G 
Some things I know_____ 

N.C.         C                F 
There's some things in life I need 
         G             C 
Water to drink, air to breathe 
  G        C                F 
A place to rest when I need sleep 
         G               C 
When I'm hungry, food to eat 
   ~       ~ Am            F 
As sure as I need the sky above 
           G                C 
That's how much I need your love 
       F                G 
I need shelter from the cold 
              C      G    
Some things I know_____ 

Instrumental: C   F   G   C     F   G   C  Am  Ab  C#  Ab 

  **Key Change - Up 1 Semitone** 

N.C.         C#               F# 
There's some things in life I want 
               Ab               C# 
A house with a porch, trees out front 
Ab         C#                    F# 
Someone to talk with, someone to hold 
    Ab                   C# 
And walk with as we grow old 
    ~ ~    Bbm                   F# 
And I want all my dreams to come true 
          Ab                 C# 
Oh, and I want them all with you 
           F#              Ab 
And I just had to tell you so 
              C#      Ab     C#   Ab 
Some things I know_____ 

N.C.         C#               F#        Ab  F#  C# 
There's some things I know to be true 
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