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Montgomery to Memphis Ukulele tab

Lee Ann Womack

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Montgomery to Memphis

	  capo on the 5th freet play C  ----- To play along with CD 
It's the easiest way to play it because of the minors 
                C                                  F 
I've got a two room flat , With a view of a bridge that crosses   
over in to Arkansas 
         C                  G                 C 
It's pretty to see, all lit up at night 
  C                  F                                C 
Tips are good, waitin'  tables at a downtown restaurant 
You sound a little surprised, that I might be doin alright 
 Am                          C              F                           C 
Yeah, this is a big town, and I still get lost sometimes  
    Am                                    C                      F             
A lot has changed since Montgomery, and when you said  
G F C Looking back at where I was, I can see how far I've come Am C F G >From a nobody with a broken heart, to feelin like someone C Am F Now you say you want me back, boy let me tell you this Dm F C It's a million miles, from Montgomery to Memphis
C F Theres nobody special, I'm not in love C Hasn't been anyone since you C G C Now isn't that what you wanted to hear me say C F C No, I've got no plans to be back in Montgomery, anytime soon C G C Sure, we'll get together, if your headed up this way Am C F C You can probally make it, in half a day or so Am C F But, you can't just walk back in again, got a long, long way to G go Repeat Chorus:
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