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Does My Ring Burn Your Finger Ukulele tab

Lee Ann Womack


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Does My Ring Burn Your Finger

Tono:  A#
Capo en el 2º traste

intro: A D C A X2 
verse 1: 
When I gave you my heart 
       D   C        A 
It was not what you wanted 
Now the walls say your name 
        D   C        A    
And the pictures are haunted 
        D    C         A 
Does my ring burn your finger 
       D    C         A 
Did my love weigh you down 
      D   C       A 
Was a promise too much 
To keep around 
Break: A C D A 
verse 2: 
I remember your words 
      D     C         A 
And I can?t keep from crying 
I could never believe 
          D   C       A 
That your kisses were lying 
          D         C        A 
Was there something from the past 
       D    C       A 
Buried in a shallow grave 
        D          C      A     
Did you think that it was too  
far gone to save 
Break: A D C A X2 
Please tell me baby 
Please tell me now 
You say that I should just go on 
                      D C A  
Now please tell me how 
verse 3: 
Now it?s just me and the night 
        D  C      A 
And I?m so broken hearted 
I just wait in the dark here 
       D   C    A 
For my dearly departed 
       D    C         A 
Did my ring burn your finger 
       D    C         A 
Did my love weigh you down 
      D   C      A 
Was a promise to much 
To keep around 
Ending: A D C A X3 
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