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Ride the Rails Ukulele tab




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Ride the Rails

Tono:  G
   G                                     C                          G 
I hid out,in a boxcar,on a slow train,heading west 
  G                                            D 
Dressed like a railman,so not to seem conspicous 
         G                                      C 
The train whistled four times,indicating, 
a track change, 
       C                      G           D                        G 
So I hopped off in Albertie,near Portage and Main. 
C                                      D5         D                   G   
Ride the rails heading west,to the town I love best, 
   C                   D5                               D                  
I can only tell myself,good luck to the rest. 
C                                   D5            D             G  
Ride the rails,ride the rails,to the city out west. 
 C                        D5              D     G 
(Ride the rails to that city I love best.) 
omit from last Chorus. 
       G                                      C               G 
The folk there are gentle, the women so nice 
        G                         D 
The Hospitality Inn,I sought for a bite, 
    G                                     C                  G 
A bar in the Cabaret,to quench a mans thirst, 
 C                     D                                     G  
Cigars on the pillow,and a rack of clean shirts, 
       G                                    C      
There's the place that's just right, 
       C                         G 
for a tuckered mans head, 
   C                                D 
With a doubled up mattress,on a four postered bed, 
   C                    D                                     G      
Sheets of pure silk,a feathered pillow to match, 
       C              A             D            G     
Tattered and tired I lay down to rest. 
Chorus,then last line,{Slowly} 
C                          D                          G 
Ride the rails to the city,for my final rest. 
C...D...C, End   

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