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Laura Stevenson And The Cans



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Tono:  G
Intro: G 

G                           C 
August spent, your basement apartment 
I fell thought your floor 
           C                        G 
Cradle and all, i fell through your floor 
    G                          C 
But i can't spill through your fists 
Until my hands are solid white 
                     C            G 
My lungs are buckled tight together 
Em C       D        Em      C    D 
My sliding drawl is like a cannonball 
    Em   C         G     D            G 
Ill slur myself to sleep outside your door 

G                        C 
Theres a ghost way up the northeast coast  
And it'll break your heart 
            C       G 
Harder than i could ever 
G                          C 
And that ghost claws at my arms it make me do wrong 
It make me do wrong 
And it pushes you down 
And rattles the walls, and it's sorry, it's sorry, it's sorry 
Em     C           D 
So even though its cold 
      Em      C          D 
And it breaks apart your bones 
     Em       C     G     D             G 
It's floating urgently outside your door 

G                               C              G 
When you spoke, when you speak, broken on your knees 
I'm a joke, i'm asleep 
C                     G 
Please please please, please please 

Em      C     G          D 
I'll be on my feet if you want me  
Em      C     G           D 
I'll be on my feet if you need 
Em      C     G           D            G 
I'll be on my feet if you want me to be 

Ending - C G - C G - C Em - C D G
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