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Do You Ever Think Of Me Ukulele tab

Laura Cantrell

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Do You Ever Think Of Me

Tono:  A
	  A           E 
Do you ever think of me,  
Do I ever cross your mind, 
Do you ever ask yourself,  
What's she doing tonight. 
There's this crazy thing in my head,  
                     A F#m 
I don't know if it's true, 
                E              D 
Whenever you're thinking 'bout me, 
    E              A   
I'm thinking 'bout you. 
Verse two. 
Do you ever think of me, 
Just out of the blue, 
When you're just sitting around, 
With nothing to do. 
Instrumental - follows pattern of verse. 
Verse three. 
Do you ever think of me, 
When you wake in the night, 
Feeling like you're in a dream, 
When you open your eyes. 
Chorus, with last line repeated. 
You can occasionally hear tracks from Laura's cd on 
the Bob Harris' radio programmes on BBC Radio Two. 

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