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Blue Velvet Ukulele tab

Lana Del Rey



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Blue Velvet

Tono:  A#
	  Im just trying to do it right, please comment if I´m wrong. 


           A#   Dm 
She wear blue velvet, 
D#                           F 
bluer than velvet whas the night. 
Gm                          F              A# 
Softer than satin was the light from the stars. 
           A#    Dm 
She wear blue velvet, 
D#                          F 
bluer than velvet were her eyes. 
Gm                          F               A#7  
Warmer than may her tender signs, love was ours. 

D#                      Gm    A#          Fm       Gm  
 Ours a love I held tightly, feeling the rapture grow. 
D#                      Gm 
 Like a flame burning brightly, 
 A#                F 
but when she left gone was the glow of... 

A#      Dm    D#                             F 
Blue velvet, but In my heart there'll always be 
Gm                         F                A#7 
precious and warming memories, through the years. 
       D#                F                    A 
And I still can see Blue Velvet through my tears. 

(Repeat Intro.) 
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