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My Best Friends (don't Even Pass This) Ukulele tab

Kurt Vile



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My Best Friends (don't Even Pass This)

Tono:  A
Capo en el 3er traste

A       C             G6             C     Em      
My best friends don't even pass this way again 

D         A6        C              Fmaj7 
I think I must have insulted them 

Em      Fmaj7  (4x)     

Em                                Fmaj7 
I don't want you to cry, I'm just sayin goodbye 

Em                             Fmaj7 
I don't want you to come and I don't know why 

Em                                     Fmaj7                    
I never did understand the words comin out of a man givin answers to 
Em               Fmaj7 
Questions that I didn't ask 

Asus2     Asus4       Asus2      Asus4     Fmaj7 (2x) 

A        C        G6       C       Em 

D        A6       C        Cadd5 

A        C       G6              C       Em 
Count to ten and then I'm just a tool again 

D          A6       C     Cadd5       
You wasn't never no great pretender, oh yeh 

A9     Dsus2  (2x) 

Em       Fmaj7 (2x)   

Em                             Fmaj7              
I can't go on like this with a clenching fist 

Em                           Fmaj7 
Oh but nicotine is even in my dreams 

Em                                    Fmaj7 
We tried to school ya, but ya just cut class 

Em                        Fmaj7 
Get your head out of your ass 

Asus2     Asus4 
Heads all array, 

      Asus2           Asus4      Fmaj7 
Every thought's taking up all my time 

Asus2    Asus4 
Eyes all aglow  

   Asus2           Asus4    Fmaj7 
my baby y'know she blows my mind 

You think they'd all just drop by 

Catching wind of all my cries 

     Fmaj7   Em     G6     Fmaj7 
Just hearing of the way I'm feelin 

    A       C             G6             C    Em 
But my best friends don't even pass this way again  
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