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Your Love (Be My Father) Ukulele tab

Koti Hu

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Your Love (Be My Father)

Tono:  G
     G D Em            G D Em 
Your love, it makes me sing 
             C            CM7 
It gives me wings to fly away, 
          G D Em 
Into Your love 
     G D Em             G D Em 
Your grace, It makes me cry 
              C                   CM7                D 
It brings me life that's real and joy that fills my days 
               C        D 
Where there's pain You take it 
        Em          D 
All my chains You break them 
       C                   Am                 D 
This life is Your's that's all my soul longs for... 
C D Be my Father, Em My Redeemer, C D Be my Savior, Am7 And my Lord... (repeat)
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