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Hemlock Ukulele tab




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Tono:  C
Capo en el 1er traste

C/G               F                C/G                   Am7 
I woke because the sun was hitting different than before 
C/G        F                C/G 
I know the autumn's comin' 'cause it's knockin' on my door 

C/G                 Am7    F 
I don't, I don't know what change 
This moment will sing 
C/G                 Am7  F 
I don't, I don't know what 
This new season will bring 
C/G                 F 
I know I know I'm a different man than I was 
One year, one year before 


Em                           F 
Summer's taking off for some other hemisphere 
    Am7  F         C/G 
And I am fine with that 
C/G                 Am7             F 
Just shorten up the days and let it fade right in to black 
I like the air when it tastes this way 

It's like a wave 
And I sense 
Just before         C/G 
Just before it breaks 

Through out the song, he does this hammer on/pull off trick with his index finger with  
the F and C/G Chords. 
Do it around the last F in the Chorus and the following C/G 
Also notable during the end before you strike a final C/G 

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