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Say Yeah Ukulele tab




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Say Yeah

Tono:  E5
	  (intro 4x) Em  C  G  D 

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E |--------------| B |--------------| G |--------------| D |--77-9--------| A |--55-7--------| E |--------------|
(verse) these are power chords: E5 C5 D5 E5 D5 E5 You you're living your life when you're dreaming E5 C5 D5 E5 D5 E5 Late at night you're hearing my voice in your head (pre-Chorus) G5 A5 It's time you see what it's all about G5 A5 B5 There's one cure and there's no way out
C G D I don't wanna hear you might There's a fire gettin' near and sparks ignite If you're ready for a wild ride
(here you play the same open chords as in the intro chord sequence) Em C G D Let me hear you say yeah (yeah yeah yeah) Em C G D Say yeah (yeah yeah yeah) (bridge) F Who knows where we'll be in the morning C G i know we're here tonight C F get uptight and it all gets so boring D It takes two to make you come alive C D take my hand kiss your fears goodbye C D there's something here that we can't deny (during the solo play the verse chord sequence) (interlude) C G D Well let me hear you say it C G D Well i wanna hear you say it Em C G D Well let me hear you say yeah (yeah yeah yeah) Em C G D Say yeah (yeah yeah yeah)
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