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Do Ya Ukulele tab




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Do Ya

Tono:  D
	  (afinação 1/2 tom abaixo) 

/ = slide up 
 = slide down 
b = bend (the number of parentheses is the number of steps) 
pb = pre-bend 
r = release bend 
^ = legato (hammer-ons and pull-offs) 

(intro 4x) D5 A5 G5 

(after the 1st and 3rd repeat, play the following with a slide) 


(after the 4th repeat, play this) 

     D5      A5             G5 
Well in this life I've seen everything 
I can see woman 

(use same chord pattern unless otherwise noted) 

I've seen lovers flying thru the air 
Hand in hand 
I've seen babies dancing in the midnight sun 
And I've seen dreams come from the heavenly skies above 

I've seen old men crying 
At their own grave sites and 
I've seen pigs all sittin' 
Watching picture slides 
G5        * G5 
But I ain't never seen nothin' like you 

(* = play this with a slide) 

( D5 A5 G5 A5 ) 

D5 A5 G5 A5 Do ya do ya want my love woman
(use same chord pattern unless otherwise noted) Do ya do ya want my face I need it Do ya do ya want my mind I'm sayin' Do ya do ya want my love (verse) Well I've heard the crowd singin' outta tune As they sang Auld Lang Syne By the light of the moon And I heard preachers banging On their drums And I heard police playing with their guns But I ain't never heard nothin' like you (bridge) Gtr. 1 (clean) (with variations on repeat) |--------------------------------------------------------------- |-------7-----7--------10----10--------12----12---------19------ |-----7---7----------10--10----------12--12-----------19--19---- |---7-------7------10------10------12------12-------19------19-- |-5------------5/8-------------8/10------------10/17------------ |--------------------------------------------------------------- | | Gtr. 2 (dirty) |--------------------------------------------------------------- |-3--------------6---------------8----------------15------------ |-5b(1)----------8b(1)-----------10b(1)-----------17b(1)-------- |--------------------------------------------------------------- |--------------------------------------------------------------- |--------------------------------------------------------------- D Dsus4 D Asus4 A In the country where the sky touches down Gsus4 G On the field she lay her down to rest (play the arpeggiated figure) In the waterside (use same chord pattern) They come a-runnin' just to get a look Just to feel, to touch her long black hair They don't give a *** (after another Chorus, play this fill w/ a slide) -/15-15--15-15--15-15--15-15--15-- -/15-15--15-15--15-15--15-15--15-- ---------------------------------- ---------------------------------- ---------------------------------- ---------------------------------- (I don't think this is actually right) (verse) I think you know what I'm tryin' to say woman That is I'd like to save you for a rainy day I've seen enough of this world to know that I've gotta Gotta get it all, get it all to (???) (after the last Chorus, play these outro chords) ( C5 C5/B Bb5 G5 ) ( C5 Bb5 G5 ) (outro solo - approximation) ----------------------------------------------------------------------- -------------------------------------------------18b(1)-20b(1)-18b(1)-- -17b(1)r^15-17--17-15-----------15-17b(1)r^15--15---------------------- ----------------------17-17--17--------------17------------------------ ----------------------------------------------------------------------- ----------------------------------------------------------------------- ----------------------------------------------------------------------- ----------15----------18--------------18------------------------------- -------15----15-18b(1)---r18-15-------18-----------------------18b(1)-- -17b(1)-------------------------17b(1)---r17-17pb(1)r-15^17^15--------- ----------------------------------------------------------------------- ----------------------------------------------------------------------- -----------------------------------------------------------------------
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