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Áño: 1976 - Álbum: Gold

Tono:  C
	  (Intro) C Dm G(listen to the song and you'll know when  
to change)  

(Verse 1)  
 C                 Dm  
Beth i hear you callin'  
       Em                    Am   G  
But i can't come home right now  
 F                      G  
Me and the boys will be playin'   
       C                 E     E7  
and we just can't find a sound   

Am G Just a few more hours F Em and i'll be right home to you D7 F G I think i hear them callin' Am Am G Oh beth what can i do? F G C Beth what can i do?
(Verse 2) C Dm You say you feel so empty Em Am G that our house just ain't a home F G i'm always somewhere else C E E7 and you're alway there alone Repeat Chorus C Dm Beth i know you're lonely Em Am G and i hope you'll be alright F G 'cause me and the boys will be playin' C Dm G all night C Dm G all night C
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