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Early Night Ukulele tab

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Early Night

Tono:  C

Intro: C 

C            Am7       C 
I adored the music and all the dancing. 
C             Am7                  Dm 
I enjoyed the way that you held me tight. 
     D         Gb         Bm     Em 
Hope you don't mind if we stop romancing. 
B         A                    G 
I've just got to have an early night. 

C                          Am7  G    Am7  
How I loved the madness of cele-brat-ing. 
C              Am7                D 
And the stars above were a lovely sight. 
Dm   D          Db     Bm       Em 
Sorr-y, but you know I can't be late, and 
Bm   Em   A              Gbm   D    A 
I've just got to have an early night. 

D   G              D                G      A 
How I swear that I love you so..but I must go.. 

F               D         Dm       F       Dm 
To the church tomorrow my love I'm heading. 
F                 D         Bb         Gm7 
You will see that I will be dressed in white. 
G                D  Bm   G          A   Am7 
It just wouldn't do if I missed our wedding. 
Bm       G      D       Bm    G 
So, I've got to have an early night. 

A sixties smash from Kraziekhat. 
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