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Dat New New Ukulele tab

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Dat New New

Tono:  C#m
	  Intro - C#m, F#m, E,B 

Salutations to all you can call me Cudi 
Or Mr. Extravagant 'cause I'm getting my money. 
Way my doors are swayin' it's like a bird on wheels 
You can come to Ohio and you can see how it feels 
And this the premier of that new new here 
It's gonna take you beyond 
Where a jet can leer 
But all you gon' hear is something crazy in fact 
How I be burning the booth 
We'll get you looser than Yak. 

(Same chords) 
Yep yep... you got it...right. 
Now don't get left get on your good foot it's only right. 
That you step and keep boppin' 'til this shit unfamiliar 
If you main line got time then I be drillen' her. 
I keep you in my realm I keep you in the sound 
I keep myself up high because the haze by the pound. (whaa?) 
And my imagination you can look all over the nation 

But they ain't see 

C#m                          F#m 
  You can look all over but you, you'll never find 
(hot shit) like mine 
WOOP.... it blow your mind. 

You can look all over but you'll never find 
(hot shit) like mine 
'Cause I provide 
That new new 
~end chorus~ 

The rest of the song uses the same chords. Bm sounds the best to me as the fourth  
chord but I encourage anyone to find something even better 
E-Chords has the most powerful ukulele chords dictionary on the internet. You can enter any chord and even choose the pitch of each string.

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