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When Love Takes Over Ukulele tab

Kelly Rowland



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When Love Takes Over

Tono:  E
Its complicated 
It always is 
That's just the way it goes 
E                        D 
Feels like the wait it is so long for this 
I wonder if it shows 

And under water 
Now i can breath 
A                E 
It never felt so good 
E                           D 
'Cause i can feel it coming overme 
           A            E 
I wouldn't stop it if i could 

E D When love takes over (yeah-ah-eah) A E You know you can't deny E D When love takes over (yeah-ah-eah) A E 'Cause something's here tonight E D A E Tonight, tonight, tonight, tonight, tonight, tonight, .....
E Give me a reason D I gotta know A E Do you feel it too? E D Cant you see me here all alone A E And this time I blame you E D Looking out for you to hold my hand A E It feels like I could fall E D Now love me right, like I know you can A E We could lose it all (Refrão 2x)
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