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Like A Fool Ukulele tab

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Like A Fool

Tono:  F

Intro: F  Bb  F  Bb 

F           Bb                  F 
We take a chance from time to time 


F             Bb               F  
And put our necks out on the line 


Dm             C            Bb 
And you have broken every promise  

         Am   Bb 
that we made 

             C             F  Bb  
And I have loved you anyway 

F Bb  

         Dm           G         Bb 
Took a fine time to leave me hangin'  
        F   F  Am 
out to dry 

        Dm           G  
Understand now I'm greivin' 

    Bb                F 
So don't you waste my time 

F  Am  Dm  

Cause you have taken 

         Bb               Bbm 
All the wind out from my sails 


             C                  F 
And I have loved you just the same 

Bb  F  Bb  F   

We finally find this 

             F  Bb  F   
then you're gone 

               Bb          F   Bb  
Been chasin' rainbows all along 

Dm             C 
And you have cursed me 

             Bb               Am  Bb    
When there's no one left to blame 

            C                   F   
And I have loved you just the same 

Bb  Dm   

               C            Bb   
And you have broken every single  

         Bbm     Gm   
fucking rule 

             C              (F) 
And I have loved you like a fool 
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