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This Love Of Mine Ukulele tab

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This Love Of Mine

(Frank Sinatra, Sol Parker and Henry Sanicola)

Tono:  D
Intro:  D Fdim Em7 A7 

          D             Fdim           Em7  A7 
Like the mountains that reach for the sky 
         D           Fdim       Em7    A7 
Like the rivers that run to the sea 

A7   B7   A7     Em7 G/B  A7       G/B    D G6 D 
This love of mine             goes on and on 
        D7  D7/13-  G6  G/B  A7      A7/13-       D 
Though life  is  empty        since you have gone 
       B7     Em7        A7         Em7 A7   D 
You're always on my mind,    though out of sight 
     Bm5-/7     E7         Bm7   E7   Bm5-/7     A7  A7/13- A7 
It's lonesome through the day,    and Oh! The night 
A7 B7 A7  Em7  G/B A7       G/B  A7  D G6 D 
I cry my heart out    it's bound to break 
D7   D7/13-     G6      A7/13-          D 
Since nothing matters,     let it brea 
  B7       Em          B5+  F#   F#7         Bm Bm7  E7 
I ask the sun and the moon,  the stars that shine 
      Bm5-/7    D      Bm7 A7      A7/13-     D 
What's  to  become of it,    this love of mine 
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