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Your Love Reaches Me Ukulele tab

Katrina Elam


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Your Love Reaches Me

Tono:  C
	  By Katrina Elam 
Tabbed By Larry Mofle 
[email protected] 
C   F 
In a river of emotion caught up in the undertow 
You're the lifeline just a-floatin, baby I won't let go 
Even when I can't see, two feet in front of me 
Your love reaches me 
When there's nothin' to believe in, you're the truth between the lies 
You give rhyme to the reason, baby, even when  
I'm crazy chasin' wind way out on a limb 
Your love reaches me 

G As high as the moon F As deep as the sea G Somewhere in between F Your love reaches me C Your love reaches me
When the storms of life surround me, you're the light that calls me home They pull me down but they can't drown me, I know it won't be long 'Till I'm safe from harm, wrapped in your arms Your love reaches me Chorus Bridge: Dm I can hear you in a whisper F I can feel you on the wind B You pull me closer again and again G No matter how far I fly Chorus Chorus
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