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The Trumpet Vine Ukulele tab

Kate Wolf



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The Trumpet Vine

Tono:  A

A                                    D                     
The trumpet vine grew in the kitchen window 
    E                            A 
And bloomed bright orange on the wall 
A                             D 
You sat in the morning light, holding a guitar 
       E                          A 
As the first summer rain began to fall 
D                                  A 
And like the gentle raindrops your words fell in the air 
D                            A           E 
Making things so clear as we quietly sat there 
   A                          Bm                                                 
It reminded me of other times you had come before 
    E7                                                   A 
And brought a song or just walked in through the kitchen door 
A                                    D 
Now it seems the truest words i ever heard from you 
E                                   A 
Were said at kitchen tables we have known 
A                                      D 
'cause somehow in that warm room, with coffee on the stove 
    E                          A 
Our hearts were really most at home 
D                                  A 
Sitting at a table looking hard at you 
D                             A                    E 
Catching up on stories of the things we'd tried to do 
A                                        Bm 
It seems we really said the most when we didn't talk at all 
E7                                                  A 
Let the songs speak for us like the sunlight on the wall. 
A                         D 
Now as we come and go, in sunshine and in rain 
E                                         A 
Some years are seen more clearly than the rest 
A                                       D 
And if it weren't for kitchen songs and mornings spent with friends 
E                                        A 
We all might lose the things we love the best 
D                           A 
I can see you sitting there beneath the trumpet vine 
D                                      A             E 
The sunlight through the window in the kitchen in my mind. 
A                                Bm   
You came when you were needed, i could not ask for more 
         E7                                          D 
Than to turn to find you walking through the kitchen door.
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