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The Ballad Of Weaverville Ukulele tab

Kate Wolf



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The Ballad Of Weaverville

Tono:  G
Capo en el 2º traste

nd Fret 

Intro: G  ~  Em  C  G  ~  Em  C  G  D  C  G  C ~ Em   C D Em 

           G                                           ~       Em 
Well, I'll tell you 'bout a gambler, folks, Jim Weaver was his name 
      C                   G                       ~       Em 
And I don't know where he came from, but gambling was his trade 
     C               G                              D 
Ride in here close beside me, I'll tell you about a game 
    C                 G              C    D       Em      C D7 Em 
The damnedest game in all my years I ever did see played 

     G                                            ~       Em 
Some said they'd seen him play before down on the Barbary Coast 
   C                  G                                ~    Em 
He said that might be true enough, 'cause he'd gambled all around 
       C                   G                                  D 
And he lost his stake to a jack high straight out at Sutter's Fort 
         C                   G            C               D    Dsus2 Dsus4 D 
But he'd saved a little poke in case of a game within our town 

      Em                            G      ~       Em 
And a lady loves a gambler, running loose, running free 
  C              G                          ~        Em 
I felt a tremble deep inside when I turned around to see 
       C       D       Em    C D7 Em   C D7 Em 
He was looking hard at me 

        G                                       ~        Em 
Now the game was set in daddy's tent, an honest man, you know 
    C               G                         ~        Em 
And all the boys in town were set to take Jim Weaver's gold 
       C               G                            D 
'Cause digging gold is hard work and panning is too slow 
      C              G          C           D       Em      C D7 Em 
And I saw Jim Weaver smiling at some little private joke 

         G                                             ~        Em 
Well, by midnight he had all the gold that the boys in town had saved 
     C                G                                 ~       Em 
They never caught him cheating, though they watched him all the while 
       C            G                          D 
And he never lost a single hand at any game he played 
   C            G                    C                D    Dsus2 Dsus4 D 
He never lost a dollar, boys, and he never lost his smile 

      Em                            G     ~       Em 
And a lady loves a gambler, smiling free, smiling wide 
  C               G                       ~      Em 
I knew I wouldn't rest 'til I was smiling by his side 
C       D       Em    C D7 Em   C D7 Em 
Smiling as we'd ride 

     G                                              ~        Em 
Soon all the boys were busted flat, but they wanted still to play 
        C                G                       ~      Em 
So they asked Jim Weaver what was left to gamble in the game 
   C                  G                                  D 
He said he'd cut high cards one time and if he lost he'd pay 
    C              G               C        D        Em    C D7 Em 
But if he won they had to swear to give the town his name 

       G                                      ~      Em 
And he told my daddy he would bet ten dollars on the side 
    C             G                         ~   Em 
And I could be my daddy's stake, if I would so agree 
       C          G                               D 
And I rode out of Weaverville next morning as his bride 
      C                  G                              C       D   Dsus2 Dsus4 D 
And I left the town that bears the name of the gambling man and me 

      Em                         G      ~       Em 
And a lady loves a gambler if he cheats all the same 
    C             G                        ~       D 
And no one saw me slip to him the ace that won the game 
    C        D        Em    C D7 Em 
And gave the town our name 
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