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Monday In The Mountains Ukulele tab

Kate Wolf



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Monday In The Mountains

Tono:  C
Capo en el 4º traste

th Fret 

Intro: C  Am  F  G  C  Am  F G C 

               Am F                  G 
I'm looking out   o'er the rainbow's end 
      C     Am      F            G 
And I wonder if I'm ever gonna win 
     Am              F  
This crazy gambler's throw 
     G                 C     F 
I'll call the dice and roll 
                G           C 
But seven-come-eleven once again 

                   Am      F             G 
And lord, I'm tired of the way I treat myself 
            C    Am     F              G 
I'd like to leave these worries on the shelf 
       Am               F  
And go running with the wind 
     G               C 
Back where the day begins 
    F                      G            C 
And sunshine's gold is the only kind of wealth 

Am                 C                      Am 
Days like this the shadows gather 'round 
          C        D7             G 
I sit and watch an evening sun go down 
         Am                 F    
Thinking of the things I've done 
         G                   C 
Thinking how you're been the one 
    F               G           C 
Who gave the truest love I ever found 

Instrumental: C  Am  F  G  C  Am  F  G  Am  F  G  C  F  G  C 

                   Am F                G 
Now when your dream   will not let you rest 
          C   Am             F               G 
And Lady Luck, she's put you through another test 
        Am               F  
And you wonder if you're wrong 
       G                C 
And if dreamers don't belong 
F             G                 C 
Listen to the ones who love you best 

OUTRO: C  Am  F  G  C  F  G  C    
       Am  F  G  C  Am  F  G  Am  F  G  C  F  G  C 
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