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Live And Learn Ukulele tab

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Live And Learn

Tono:  G
G                   C           G 
You had your reasons for loving me 
                    C             D 
You had your reasons for changing me 
    Bm                        C               D 
And you kept on fighting what I was trying to be 
C                      D 
And now you wonder why I'm no longer me 
    C               D         G 
And all I can say is live and learn 

              C            G 
Another woman once let you down 
                            C       D 
It took a while but she was finally gone 
     Bm                    C             D 
Then you kept waiting 'til someone came along 
C                        D 
Tried to love her but it still went wrong 
    C               D         G 
And all I can say is live and learn 

                     C      G 
Well, looking back a little farther 
                         C          D 
I could have been just a little bit smarter 
    Bm                C        D 
And tried to see what you were after 
C                       D 
There might have been a little more laughter 
    C               D         G 
But all I can say is live and learn 

                 C       G 
You kept fooling with my mind 
                     C      D 
And I admit I wasn't always kind 
          Bm                    C       D 
Still, we thought we'd left the games behind 
            C                     D 
But there's something we're still trying to find 
    C               D         G 
And all I can say is live and learn 
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