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Great Love Of My Life Ukulele tab

Kate Wolf



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Great Love Of My Life

Tono:  G

Intro: G   D 

                 G           C               G 
Great love of my life, how I feel you here beside me 
             Am          C                   G 
Watching the clouds turn red at the close of day 
        Em                 G    Em 
And you know I think about you 
                C                    G     D 
As the sun goes down and you're far away 

                 G       C               G 
Great love of my life, I see your face before me 
       Am       C           G 
As the day goes fading into night 
         Em             G 
And it's all that I can do 
       Em              C                  G       D 
Not to want you here beside me in the firelight 

Instrumental: G  C  G  Am  C  G  Em  G  Em  C  G  D 

                 G         C             G 
Great love of my life, you know it isn't easy 
           Am         C                  G 
Saying goodbye to the good times that we knew 
    Em                  G        Em 
The hard times came and took us 
                            C              G              D 
Where we never thought we'd go and left us broken, me and you 

                 G         C                  G 
Great love of my life, the flames are leaping higher 
           Am        C            G     Em 
Talking to me in the quiet, empty room 
So happy and so sad 
         Em              C                  G     D 
With the twisted pain of love that left too soon 

Instrumental: G  C  G  Am    C  G  Em  G  Em  C  G  D 

             G             C                   G                      Am 
Remember the time we stood laughing like small children caught in the rain  
         C             G 
And they took our photograph 
         Em                G   Em               C 
With our arms around each other and our eyes on fire 
                   G                    D 
Looking out at the rain running off our hats 

                 G         C                  G                  Am 
Great love of my life, the first time that we touched we were so hungry 
   C             G       Em 
It took us by surprise 
             G               Em               C 
And it never changed all the years we were as one 
             G                D                     G 
We tasted it all, we paid the price and we paid the price 
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