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Cable Car Cowboy Ukulele tab

Kate Wolf



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Cable Car Cowboy

Tono:  G

G                       C                   G 
Foggy San Francisco two thousand miles from home 
Chasing after a lady I'd like to call my own 
          G                                      C 
I've been out of work since I left my job on the Bar-K cattle ranch 
         Em                     C            D               G 
Where my mamma cried, "Think it over, son, before you take a chance." 

                                       C                    G 
And lord, I sure do miss the folks and all those friends of mine 
The city's pretty lonely when a man's just killing time 
    G                            C 
The people never stop to talk or look you in the eye 
        Em                   C                 D            G 
And the buildings there they grow so tall they cover up the sky 

      D                                     C                G 
But I went for a job the other day, the man looked me up and down 
          A                                                       D 
He said, "You're a horse-riding cowboy who looks like he just hit town 
    C                  G       D                     Em 
But if you can swing a rope, I reckon you can ring a bell 
         G                   C                     D                  G  
And if a bucking bronc can't throw you off, youâ??ll hold the curves as well 


G                                                  C               G 
Well, I didn't know what he was getting at 'til he took me to this barn 
A great big place with high brick walls, not like down on the farm 
  G                               C 
Instead of hay and horses, it had cement, steel and tar 
          Em               C             D                     G 
He said, "Hop on board and let me see if you can drive a cable car" 

         D                               C            G 
Well, it looked like a little house with windows all around 
  A                                                 D 
A little room set on the back and steps down to the ground 
  C                    G           D               Em 
A roof and a porch and benches and wheels set on a track 
    G                 C                    D               G 
I'd never seen such a doggone thing, but I didn't tell him that 

   C               G                 D            G 
So mamma don't you worry, things are really going fine 
    C                G               D 
I'm working now as a brakeman on the California Line 
        G                                   C            Em 
And the folks are mighty friendly when they hop on for a ride 
    G                  C              D               G 
And when it's cold and rainy, my lady loves to ride inside 

                                            C                 G 
You can say I'm still a cowboy, it's just a different horse I ride 
I round up strays on the city streets and I spend my days outside 
      G                             C 
These hills of San Francisco are my own West Texas plains 
    Em                     C                D             G 
And ringing a bell is like singing to those dogies on the range 
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