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Seraphina Ukulele tab




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Tono:  F

Intro: F    C G  Am    G7/B C 


F            C         G           Am    G7/B C 
    I found it on the sidewalk last night                

F             C               G 
    a coffin made of ivory 

         Am   G7/B      C 
with its lid pushed aside 

F           C      G              Am    G7/B C 
   As I was getting closer looking down 

F            C   G 
    covered up in purple plastic balls 

        Am   G7/B   C 
it was you that I found 

F            C    G                               
    Before I had a chance to      

Am                           G7/B C 
    reach down and give my hand to you 

F                    C           G 
    like a champagne cork you got up 

    Am           G7/B C 
and disappeared 

F C G Am Oh uhhh uhhh uhh. Oh Seraphina G7/B C here is peace to your soul F C G Am G7/B C a lightyear gone, but not letting go
(VERSE) Then I was at your funeral with my best friend at a dive bar in your neighbourhood where all good things come to an end he told me over and over again it might be hard to understand but don't mourn the dead celebrate the life they gave (BRIDGE) A# Dm C Em isn't it a shame that we have to go away A# Dm C Em when there is still so much that we never got to say? A# Dm C Em wouldn't it be nice if we could conti--nue A# Dm C Em to the end of the universe and beyo----nd? (CHORUS) Oh uhhh uhhh uhh. Oh Seraphina here is peace to your soul a lightyear gone but not letting go put that shuttle in reverse
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