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Ophelia Ukulele tab




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Tono:  Em
Em   C   Bm   G   C  Gmaj7 

Em        C            Bm 
Yes the black magic worked 
           G                  C 
And it might be well deserved 
With a pin through my third eye 

Em             C            Bm 
    But the long frozen stare 
            G                  C 
Shooting holes in stagnant air 
                     G      Gmaj7 
Sends me off to die 

Em        C            Bm 
Waltzing out through your clouds 
        G                  C 
And I know there is no doubt 
                   G      Gmaj7 
Venus is your star 

Em C Ophelia... Em Gmaj7 You're falling out C Am Too tedious... Bm C D To talk about?
Em D Am C Bm Em C Am Em C Bm Disappeared in the park G C Left me probing through the dark Gmaj7 Put me off the path Em C Bm You're the pebble in my shoe G C And the beauty in my view G Gmaj7 Beaming through the glass
Em C Insurmountable... Em Gmaj7 Always colourful C Am I don't want to know Bm C D How you do what you do
Em D Am C Bm Em C Am
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