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The Duck Ukulele tab

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The Duck

(Jaime Silva e Neusa Teixeira)

Tono:  D
           D6/9                    E7/9 
The duck was coming happily, quack quack 
                                Em7/9     A7/13 
When a smiling garganey asked 
                      D6/9     B7/9-    Em7   A7 
To join him as well, as well, as well 
     D6/9                        E7/9 
The goose liked this duet and also did quack quack 
                                                  Em7/9       A7/13 
He looked at the swan and told him "come, come" 
                                          D6/9               G7/13           D6/9    Am7   
Know that this foursome will be great, really great, really great 
                   D7/9                    G7M 
They went to the edge of the lagoon  
                     E7/9        A7/13            D6/9   Am7 D7/9 
For their rehearsal of the Tico-Tico no Fubá 1 
                   G7M      Gm6              D7M/F#   D7/9 
The duck's voice was a disrespect 
               G7M             Gm6               D7M/F# D7/9 G7M 
The goose knew how to perform in the bushes 
                               Gm6                       D7+/F#  Fdim  E7/9 
But I liked the end of it when they all fell in the water 
        A7/13              D6/9 
Rehearsing their vocals 
Quack quack, quack quack 
Quack quack, quack quack 
Quack quack, quack 
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