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We Cry Out Ukulele tab

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We Cry Out

Tono:  G
	  We Cry Out (1 of 2)  

G G/C Em Dsus D  

G                         Em7  
Father of life, seated on Your throne of grace  
     C2                        Dsus D  
It's only by Your mercy we are saved  
G                         Em7  
Lord, You have said if we call upon Your Name  
C                           Dsus D  
We and our families will be saved  

G                   D/F#       Am               Em  
So we cry out Your Name, El Shad- dai, God of grace  
C          G/B    Dsus D  
Lord Most High, Jesus Christ  
G                  D/F#     Am                  Em  
We re- ly on Your grace, Ado- nai, crowned in praise  
C         Dsus  D     G    G/C Em7 D  
Lord Most High, Jesus Christ  

G                        Em7  
Father of love, never fail- ing to forgive  
       C2                         Dsus D  
Each moment is a gift from You to live  
G                             Em7  
We're only here to tell the world about Your grace  
C                               Dsus D  
Un- til the day You take us all away  

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