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Stars In The Sky Ukulele tab

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Stars In The Sky

Tono:  F

F   F 

C/E   F    Am     G 

Verse I 
C/E           F 
Take the sun, take the moon 
Am                 G 
Take the earth and watch it move 
      C/E      F 
Under Your control 
             Am    G 
Cause You're all I know 

C/E                F 
Here's my life and all my heart 
Am                G 
I give it all but every part 
C/E               G 
Is under Your control 
Lord You're all I know 

Am                        C/E 
The stars in the sky will hang there 
F         G 
'til You tell them to 
Am                         C/E 
The faith in my heart will still sing 
F            G 
Of what Your love can do 
F                         C 
And even when life weighs heavy on me 
I know You're in control 
           Am    G 
And You're all I need 
    C/E                   F     G            
The stars in the sky will hang there 
'til You tell them to 

Verse II 
C/E           F 
Take the sea, take the tide 
Am              G 
Take the waters watch them rise 
C/E              F 
Giving praise to You 
Am              G 
Always praising You 

C/E                 F 
Here's my voice and all my soul 
Am             G 
Singing freely when 
      C/E                  F   
Lord, I'm giving praise to You 
Lord I'm praising You 

The clouds will rain, the seasons change 
Am         G 
(Cause You told them to) 
The sun will shine Your burning light 
Am         G/B   G 
(Cause You told it to) 
F                                       Am 
When You speak your words through my soul 
So I know it's true 
F                  G 
You're in control, in control 
F          G 
In control 

Am                        C/E  F     G 
The stars in the sky will hang there 
Am                         C/E   F    G 
The faith in my heart will still sing 

Dm               Am          F 
The stars in the sky will hang there 

- Intro 
- Verse I 
- Chorus 
- Intro 
- Verse II 
- Chorus 
- Bridge 
- Chorus 
- Ending 
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