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How Majestic Ukulele tab

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How Majestic

Tono:  E

Intro A     C#m     B  C#m   A 

Verse I 

A                             C#m 
Without a word, the mountains speak 
    B                C#m   A 
The song that all creation sings 
A                              C#m 
The painted skies, the sun and stars 
B                    C#m       A 
The heavens tell how great You are 
B                    C#m       A 
The heavens tell how great You are 

E A How majestic is Your name E A How majestic is Your name C#m A Jesus wonderful, powerful E You're the Lord of all A How majestic is Your name
Verse II A C#m A rugged cross, a humble King B C#m A How beautiful the mystery B C#m A That love would bleed from majesty Bridge B C#m A E All rise, all rise in highest praise B C#m A E Your name will reign through all eternity B C#m A E Our hope, our strength, our victory B We bow down, down at Your feet Ending E A How majestic is Your name
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